“Doing business with Principle Energy was very easy. In particular, I liked how they helped me find an oil and gas CPA who answered my tax questions. And finally, I liked working with their Acquisition Manager who did a great job of keeping me up to date throughout the process.”

Vivien P.

“I was contacted by Principle Energy LLC regarding the possible purchase of all future mineral rights on some property parcels in my name. Our contact was extraordinarily professional and forthright. He was always honest and timely in his responses. I appreciated his organization of the transaction and it went very smoothly. They exceeded my expectations in my interactions.”


"Very good experience. Principle Energy treated me well and followed through on everything he said. I would recommend doing business with Principle Energy."

mARIE k.

“We didn’t want to permanently sell our minerals and Principle Energy gave us an option for a Limited Term Royalty conveyance. This was a perfect fit for us.”


“Our representative was knowledgeable, always available to answer my questions, and trustworthy. I didn’t get a cheap sales pitch, just the information needed to make a decision. We decided to convey 50% of our royalty interest and referred Principle Energy to our neighbor, who did the same. I would definitely recommend doing business with Principle Energy.”


“Our contact was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He made the process smooth and had me paid quickly. At closing, [he] informed me of a large amount of back royalties which I was unaware of, and helped me recoup them from the operator! [Our rep] is a man of integrity and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”


“Principle Energy was a joy to work with. Truly. Our representative was unfailingly courteous, helpful, fair, and great at follow-up. He made sure the whole process was professional and without pressure.”


“Payment came quickly and Principle was always available to answer my questions. I would definitely work with Principle Energy again.”


"We needed a quick close for my mother's Trust and they delivered.  Principle energy excelled above my expectations and I would certainly recommend them to friends and family."

Gladys P.